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       I often hear statements that go something like this. "Wow!! These are some really nice pictures." Followed by the age old question: "What kid of camera do you have?" I know that this is meant as a compliment and I am learning to take it as such. Yes, I do admit that a good camera can mean everything when it comes to getting that one shot, but ultimately people take pictures and not gear. The true Artist/Photographer, placed in a national park somewhere with the cheapest of cheap cameras, would set about using the camera he or she has.

          So why am I creating this page? So those who really want to know and are curious, can come and fill their insatiable curiosity to their heart's content. In the end you may actually leave this post wondering if gear really matters to Clark Graber or not and if I am being consistent.

          My first camera was a Samsung S860 Which I bought at Walmart for about 100$. I don't remember much about it because I didn't have it very long. I dunked it in a lake. (I was actually the one dunked if you wish to be technical, but this is about gear and not falling in the lake.) Don't have a lot of pictures that I took with it on this site. I was still learning the Art of Photography.

       I replaced with a Sony DSC-H7. This was an advanced P&S I really liked it. I have a few more pics on this site that I took with it. It had lots of zoom and it focused reasonably fast for a P&S. My mom and brother use it now.

        I decided I wanted a DSLR and so I went and did lots of research and settled on the Nikon D5000. This is what I have now. I bought it along with a 18 mm - 55mm VR and a 70 - 300 Sigma DG Macro. The camera and kit lens were refurbished by Nikon and the 70 - 300 was used. The first 18 - 55 fell of the table and so I replaced with another refurbished lens exactly like it. I don't use the Sigma lens anymore because I upgraded to a Nikon 70 - 300 VR. My camera will not Autofocus with the sigma. I just added a 35mm 1.8 dx to my collection.

P.S. I'd like to add that when I say "my gear" it is with the understanding that me and everything I own really belongs to God. I do this for His Glory and if He wanted to take it from me that would be His privilege.      

So my current collection is as follows:

Camera in my SmartPhone

Nikon D5000

18 - 55 VR

35mm 1.8f dx (Love this lens)

70 - 300 VR

Nikon SB-600 External Flash

Below are some pictures of the gear I use. Note the picture of the back of the camera. There is a piece of rubber missing below the dial. It is where the thumb would rest. Also look close and you will see some of the buttons are well worn. My philosophy is use the gear. You'll never get any pictures if you don't take your camera places.

Some Pictures of My Gear

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